Looking for immediate cash? College tuition or unexpected medical bills sometimes create the need for a lump sum of cash. OilRoyaltyBuyers.com typically completes purchases within 5-10 business days.

Other investment opportunities? An unforseen opportunity, new busines venture, further diversification of your investment portfolio or a down payment on a new house or vacation home may create the need for immediate cash.

Estate planning? In some cases it is better to sell a property now rather than have it become part of your taxable estate and create unnecessary burdens to your heirs when there is a need for disposition.

Estate settlement and Trust Distribution? Mineral and royalty interests that are part of an estate or trust are much easier to divide among heirs and beneficiaries as cash rather than percentage decimal interests in various properties.

Depleting Asset? Oil and gas wells are depleting assets, production declines over time and at some point will cease all together to provide income.

Tired of paperwork? Keeping up with the division orders, company changes, production statements, tax receipts and 1099ís to submit to your accountant or to include in your own tax returns takes a great deal of time.

Increasing tax burden? Property taxes are always increasing as they are assessed on appraisal district projected values and not on the actual income produced. Besides federal and state income taxes, the properties are also burdened with severance taxes ranging from 4-7.5% in Texas and even higher in other states.